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RS Performance Inc is proud to release our Elite Crank Pulley Upgrade Kit for 3.0T FSI.

The RS Performance Elite crank pulley is made from T66061 precision billet aluminum and is 184mm in size. It is much larger than the stock pulley. We used a one piece design to replace the two piece design of the stock pulley which was prone to failure. Our pulley frees up horsepower by reducing the rotational mass of the crank.

Our Elite pulley raises the boost pressure, by increasing the speed at which the supercharger spins. An upgraded piggy back or ECU software is required to realize significant horsepower and torque gains throughout the entire powerband. This is a safe modification with no added stress on the engine or supercharger components.

NOTE: Our kit requires the use of “Stage 2” software. Most stage 2+ software tunes for a 184mm pulley works in conjunction with our kit.
Stage 2+ software allows for maximum power and torque gains, while optimizing your 3.0 engines performance.


Product Details

  • OEM-specĀ  tolerances
  • Replacement pulley belt
  • Anodized black
  • CNC machined from billet T66061 aluminum.


  • RS Performance Inc Crank Pulley (184mm)
  • 8 x Grade 12.9 bolts
  • 1 x Continental belt (or equivalent replacement)


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Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 cm


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